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Everyone has a story. Some people think that some people have it all.... and easy, however most have had huge trials along the way to overcome. Ours has had heartache, loss, and abandonment just to name a few. Through it all we found each other and God has helped us and we want to pass that along to others! God has blessed us and we want to bless others with what God has taught us about life, health, finances, and eternity. 

No one wants to hear those words that it is terminal! Life is ending all too soon. 

All your hopes and dreams are wrapped around and intertwined with one person and now she has been given 6 months. Life stopped. Life changed. Life was broken in 3 months. 

Life was even tougher than it had to be because the life insurance policy with living benefit was cancelled 6 months before this diagnosis! As a self employeed businessman with 4 children at home, times were more than tough. Not only were we all dealing with the emotional scars of the loss, but now financial impacts hit hard. Medical bills, hospital bills, mortgage payments, tuition, and regular expenses were over my head. Now I was the sole caregiver and provider and had to work to provide. The emotional toll was immense on myself and my family.  I know what it's like to have people rally together to help out and try to pull us out of the ditch. I am thankful for the church and the people that surrounded us. I thank God for his provision and I know the severity and how families lives are impacted by the unexpected. I have a deep vision to help people prepare for the unexpected and the unthinkable. I also want to help families pass on a tax-free legacy to their families and/or trusted charity or cause.  I know God can use my suffering for HIS good to help those around me.

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